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Brazilian Portuguese translator

Raquel Cardoso is a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese.

After earning a degree in business administration from the Federal University of Paraíba, Raquel worked in management, marketing, international trade and logistics in Brazil. As a result, she understands Brazil’s culture and business practices from the inside out – a must when it comes to effective communication in Brazilian Portuguese.

Raquel relocated to the Netherlands in 2002 and has built a thriving career there as a freelance Brazilian Portuguese translator.

As a professional, Raquel believes it’s crucial to stay current in her field. She hones her skills by regularly participating in international conferences, seminars and translator training courses. Raquel’s core values as a translator:

‘Personal attention; every client is unique. And of course, quality and reliability. I give my all to each and every text.’

Raquel is a member of ABRATES (Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreters), APTRAD (Association of Translation and Interpreting Professionals), and’s PRO Network for certified translators



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